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Bangkok Countdown Spots that should not be missed!

  • If you are uncertain where to go for this coming Countdown event, we would like to recommend these 3 most popular places in Bangkok which are a must to be there.
Dec. 17, 2020

Don’t miss these popular Bangkok Countdown spots

If talking about the scenic countdown spots in Bangkok, many may not know which one they should go.  But, this is the time that we have to choose our favourite spot where we can enjoy the whole night through.  Not to mention, how to get there on that day is another crucial point we have to consider.  As you know, this event will be organized at many locations in Bangkok.

Today, we would like to provide some locations considered to be the most popular places to ease your decision burden.


3 Famous Countdown Places for Bangkokian



Cr’ https://www.matichon.co.th/

  1. CentralWorld

CentralWorld is the choice for many people due to the location itself and easy to access with bts transportation.  They also organized grand event for countdown every year with concert of renowned artists and splendid lighting in front of the department store.

This year theme would be “CentralWorld Bangkok Countdown 2021”.  The event will start from 25th of December onwards.  Highlight certainly will be on NYE with great concert and fireworks.


Cr’ https://www.lonelyplanet.com/

  1. Khaosan Road

Known as the center of entertainment, Khaosan Road is also a popular choice.  We can warm up by hopping from bar to bar.  There are many well-known pubs & bars to choose from with special event on that day such as Brick Bar, Molly Bar, Mulligans Irish Pub etc.  Be prepared for the main stage event organized on the road, you won’t be lonely on NYE for certain.


Cr’ https://www.prachachat.net/


If fireworks are your most favourite, ICONSIAM is your definite answer.  Since it created talk of the town fireworks last year, this year we won’t expect less.  And, with the Chao Phraya River scenic view, the atmosphere will be superb.  The NYE event will be handled at River Park with “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2021” Theme.  Let’s be amazed.


And, for those who wish to watch this spectacular firework of ICONSIAM, we urge you to join our special Countdown Cruise.  Not only you can enjoy delicious dinner while cruising along Chao Phraya River, but also you will have a chance to watch the series of fireworks so up-close and personal.  We will provide you with the memorable experience on this coming NYE event.

Feeling interested, you can book our countdown trip right now.  For booking and more information, please call 081-893-5552 or contact Line @sfkcruise.