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Dining on SongFangKlong Cruise to be away from Covid-19

  • SongFangKlong Cruise with Covid-19
Jan. 18, 2021

Dining on SongFangKlong Cruise to be away from Covid-19


In the situation where Covid-19 has been spreading throughout Thailand, everyone takes his guard on high when going out.  This is so true when the new wave of spreading seems to be more severe and easier to be contagious.  SongFangKlong Cruise also takes the circumstance seriously that we set up and follow the prevention standard to make sure that our customers can be safe and enjoy our dining cruise at the same time.  What we prepare and suggest for prevention protocol is as follows;



Covid-19 Preventive Measures on SongFangKlong Cruise


                No matter how risky other place is, we can assure you that you will be safe on SongFangKlong Cruise.  We consistently provide the basic preventive measures such as screening our customers by body temperature checking before entering and providing alcohol hand gel for hand cleansing before getting on board.

                Moreover, to keep the physical distancing measure, we limit the number of customers to be on board.  And, wearing mask is a must that we will not allow any customers to be on board without it.  These measures are followed seriously to make sure that Dining & Cruising with us will be shielded from Covid-19.



Providing menu to strengthen immunity from Covid-19


                Preventing Covid-19 can be more effective when we are strong.  And, the food that we take is one factor that can help to fight against virus and increase our immune system.

SongFangKlong Cuise would like to recommend the menus help increase immunity that you can order from Khin Lom Chom Saphan Restaurant before getting on board.  The first one is those Thai spicy salad dishes as Somtum, Yum, Larb and Phla which have lime as an ingredient.  And, the result of clinical research shows that lime provides high vitamin C which can shorten cold symptom duration, ease sore throat, reduce inflammation and certainly fight against virus.  Or, it can be a menu of rich-garlic dishes as Deep-fried Tilapia with crispy garlic and Stir-fried Chinese Morning Glory.  Those dishes have garlic that can also enhance anti-virus immune system.



Exceptional Cruising Trip with Covid-19 Safety Measures 


                If you are looking for a private and safe from virus Covid-19 cruising trip that you can fully enjoy Chao Phraya river view on the unique classic style wooden boat, SongFangKlong Cruise is certainly your choice.  You can have your elegant wedding ceremony, small but cozy, surrounded by your family and beloved friends with spectacular nightlight of Bangkok and Chao Phraya River as background.  Or, you can organize private birthday party as a surprised gift for your loved one.  Let that night to be a memorable night.  SongFangKlong Cruise is ready for the chartered trip starting from only Baht 8,000 for the guests of 10.  However, if you have more guests, it just costs you Baht 600 per one additional guest.

For more information and reservation on SongFangKlong Cruise, please contact us at tel. 081-893-5552 or Line @sfkcruise