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Santa Cruz Church – Christian Monastery on the banks of Chao Phraya River

  • Well-known Christian monastery on the banks of Chao Phraya River cannot be anywhere else except Santa Cruz Church that the story of this church is being told right here by SongFangKlong.
Jan. 2, 2021

Introduction to Santa Cruz Church

            On the riverside of Chao Phraya River, the major river of lower Central region and Bangkok, situated a Thonburi neighborhood known as “Kudi Jeen” where the beautiful Christian architecture has been located as an evidence of the ancient Christian community in Siam.

This is the church of Portuguese Christian community with ancient history since Thonburi era or around 300 years ago.  That is Santa Cruz Church, the church with pastel pink color will catch your eyes as soon as the cruise sails through.

Story of Santa Cruz Church

According to the history of Kudi Jeen Christian community, it is a Portuguese community that migrated from Ayutthaya.  When King Thonburi or King Taksin set up Thonburi, he gave them the land to live in as a Christian community.  So, the church was built as a community sanctuary.  Later in 1834 during King Rama III of Ratanakosin era, Cardinal Pallegoix built a new church to replace the former one.  It is a church with mixed architectural styles of Western and Chinese.  However, in 1913, it was eventually demolished due to its deteriorating condition.  This led to the construction of the third one by Cardinal Gulielmo Kinh Da Cruz that was officially opened on September 17, 1916 and became the church we have been familiar with till today.

For architectural style, besides the distinctive pink color of the church surrounded by brown houses, the church itself had been built in Italian style that is one-storey building.  At front, there is a stucco-shaped tower with dozens of bells hanging for the important religious ritual.  Inside, above the altar, it is decorated with stained glass in cross pattern representing the name of the church.  The side is decorated with the animal sculptures and the sculptures showing the history of Jesus in all 14 parts.  The front hall ceiling is decorated with stucco and beautiful paintings.  Each pillar, which is the art of Corinthian style, is a round pillar with golden stucco leaves on top.  And, the back of the church is reserved to be the burial ground of the Cardinals who used to reside in this church.



In addition to the beauty of outstanding architecture, Santa Cruz Church is the place where Christian people come to celebrate on the festive events as Christmas.  The church is known as the famous place for Christmas celebration with the decoration of sparkling lights and Christmas tree.  Not to mention, it is a remarkable event including fun fair, movie about Jesus, and great dancing floor.  In addition, the rare and important religious ceremony is grandly organized which is the mass to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in the evening.

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