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Cruise Safely on SongFangKlong

  • Safety while on-board with SongFangKlong Cruise
March 13, 2021

Cruise Safely on SongFangKlong


Having a nice dinner on SongFangKlong Cruise to enjoy the superb night scenery and great meal is what you wish for; but, don’t like water travelling that much or afraid of the unexpected event to happen.  To assure your safety while on-board with SongFangKlong Cruise, the 4 safety measures are provided.


Don’t lean yourself out of the cruise

                Even though the view is so enjoyable, please don’t forget your safety.  SongFangKlong Cruise provides all necessary measures for the passengers’ safety.  However, it might be better to also prevent the unforeseen accidents.  Please be cautious not to take any parts of your body out of the cruise while taking the trip.  This measure will be asked for your personal safety and encourage the trip to be safe and sound. 


1 on 1 Life Vest

                Although we are cautious for our guests’ safety, the accident could happen.  SongFangKlong Cruise will prepare any necessary equipment as your safety is our first priority.  The Life Vest is provided more than enough for all passengers.  Therefore, please be assured that we are ready and prepared for the unexpected events.



Providing Insurance Coverage

                Collateral in life is as just important as safety.  As the passenger steps on SongFangKlong Cruise, you will be automatically covered with the travelling insurance.  This insurance is provided without any charges.  The fee is totally on us to make sure that we can cover all aspects of precaution and safety for our guests.



Trained Staffs for Water Safety

                Finally, if the unexpected event did happen and time is crucial that we cannot wait for the assistance from the paramedics, the first aid is a must.  And, we take this risk into account.  Our on-board staffs are well-trained with First Aid Treatment and CPR including the process for water rescue.  Therefore, please be certain that your safety is our responsibility.  And, if the unpleasant event did occur, our staffs will be ready and able to provide the first aid to minimize the risk on the passenger’s life.


                Despite a lot of travel safety affirmations are provided such as Insurance Coverage or Life Vest, the beauty of Chao Phraya River scenery should not be exchanged for the risk of accidental harm.  Therefore, keeping yourself safe from any risk could be a good start as a preventive measure so that you can fully have safe & sound enjoyable trip with SongFangKlong Cruise.