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Somdej Phra Pinklao Bridge

  • In Honor of King Pinklao

If you are busy with work, and want to feel relax by the breeze and beautiful scenery, try to get yourself to walk up on the Somdej Pra Pinklao Bridge. Up there, you can observe the superb view Rattanakosin Island, especially in the evening that makes your body relaxed.

Somdej Pra Pinklao Bridge is one of Bangkok's major bridges that were built across the Chao Phraya River in 1971 with majestic river views on both sides. The bridge connects Somdej Pra Pinklao Road that links Pra Nakhon District in Bangkok and Bang Plat District as well as Bangkok Noi District in Thonburi together. The name of the bridge derived from the name of His Majesty the King “Pra Pinklao” whom considered as the “2nd King” during the reign of King Rama IV since the area of the bridge on the Pra Nakhon side used to be the area of his “Bowornsatanmongkol Palace”.

"Somdej Pra Pinklao Bridge is a bridge over the Chao Phraya River connecting Somdej Prapinklao Road that links Pra Nakhon on Bangkok side with Bangkok Noi on Thonburi side by the cooperation from the government of Japan in the survey of the bridge design and provide financial support to the Thai government "